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JOIN US! RAISE YOUR HAND if you believe all CT public school children deserve equal opportunity to a quality education. That’s what the CT Constitution says!

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CCJEF is fighting to ensure that all CT public school children have equal opportunity to a quality education.

what is ccjef
CCJEF is a broad-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to achieve an adequately and equitably funded PreK-12 public education system that is based on the learning needs of students and the real costs of delivering high-quality education in every community.  

In 2005, CCJEF and several named school children and their parents filed suit against the State of Connecticut (CCJEF v. Rell) for its failure to meet its constitutional obligation to adequately and equitably fund the public schools. In a 2010 pretrial ruling, the Connecticut Supreme Court affirmed the State’s constitutional obligation and remanded the case back to the trial court for full trial on the merits of Plaintiffs’ adequacy and equity claims. That trial is expected to commence sometime in 2015.